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Houston, Apollo 10 Does Not Have a Problem… But UPH (Mr K) Does

If you do a Wikipedia search on the day May 22nd, among the important events you will find:

What you won’t find, however is:


For that, you’ll have to mosey on over to the Medina County Clerk of Courts website, and do a search on Case Number 12CIV1691, State of Ohio v Unmistakably Premier Homes, Inc, et al.

It looks from court documents, the Ohio Attorney General is looking to close the book on this case via a default judgement.  What that means is a ruling in the state’s favor without a full blown trial.  Seeing as the defendant, UPH and Mr K, have not formally replied to the accusations asserted by the Ohio AG, a default judgement may actually occur.

Comment below if you plan to attend the proceedings!

A few weeks back, we noted the lawsuit filed by PNC Bank against Ashton Place, LLC, Stephen M Kovack, and UPH which resulted in multiple liens placed on UPH property around Medina, Summit, Cuyahoga and Geauga Counties.  It appears that some, if not all, of the liens in Medina county from this specific case have been released.

UPH has secured partial release of judgement liens on five of it’s Medina County properties.  That’s not to say that PNC has been paid in full by Ashton Place, Mr K, or even UPH.  But it appears to be something positive for UPH.

This is Ashton Kutcher.  While he’s not the best comedic actor in the world, he now has a steady job on Two and a Half Men, so we have a feeling he pays his bills.

We wonder if Mr K appears this concerned about our homes...

This is Ashton Place.  It’s owners appear to be having a problem paying off some of it’s bills – more specifically, $1.4 Million (yes, MILLION) of promissory notes held by PNC Bank (formally National City Bank).

Ashton Place

It all starts with a six count Medina County Court Case #11CIV0914.  Ashton Place is listed as a defendant for two counts of non-payment of promissory notes, valued at just over $1M.  The next two counts reiterate the first two, but this time, our favorite President, Mr K, is named as the defendant.  A fifth count alleges that UPH also has failed to pay on a loan,valued at $390K, and the final count names Mr K for the same non-payment.

So who is Ashton Place?  As near as we can tell it’s an apartment complex in Wadsworth owned in whole or in part by Stephen M Kovack – yes, THAT Stephen M Kovack – under the name Ashton Place, LLC.

The $1.4 Million Pyramid (click to embiggen)

The kicker – UPH’s response to the suit was a “Yep – we confess!”  Case closed, right?  Not so fast!

According to the Medina County Clerk of Courts site, the case is at a Entry Filed state, meaning judgement has  been entered in favor of PNC Bank, and that, per court regulations, PNC has notified the defendants of such.  It appears, however, that UPH/Ashton Place LLC/Mr K have still not paid what is owed.  Therefore, PNC has placed multiple liens on a variety of properties held by the trio in Medina, Cuyahoga, Geauga, and Summit counties (Judgement Lien # JL-72-299).

So let’s check in with Jerry and Ed to see where we stand:

Hey Ohhhhh!

Close to $1.6 Million.  Nice.