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Project MOHR is No More

It just so happened that Thanksgiving Day marked the very last day of the Project MOHR fundraising campaign.  While we were all busy stuffing ourselves with turkey, turducken, or maybe even tofurky (yeck!), the clock on the Indiegogo site ticked its way down to zero, matching the amount of funds raised over the last 60 days.  Unfortunately, the cause did not garner the amount of love from the internet community as we had hoped.  But we’ll keep trying, perhaps after a few months off, and after the holidays.

Thanks to all that tried to spread the word of our cause.  We guess it just wasn’t meant to be…


Let’s Make Him an Offer He Can’t Refuse

At this week’s event with Action 19 News, we joked about how some of us tried to get Mike Holmes to help out.  We all were met with varying levels of rejection, but after the cameras were packed away, our creative juices began to flow.  What if we sweetened the deal.  What if we made our plea so unrefusable (yeah, not really a word… Thanks spell checkers!), that Mike couldn’t refuse?

Enter Project MOHR – Make Our Holmes Right.

You see, there are sites out on the web that do nothing but fund projects by crowdsourcing – getting the internet community to donate at varying levels to help fund your dream.  Two examples are and  What if we, those spurned by UPH, got together, much as we did this past Monday, to form Make Our Holmes Right, with the ultimate goal of bringing Mike Holmes to our homes?

We haven’t worked out all the details quite yet, but we’re getting close.  At the very least, any monies that could potentially be raised by this effort might help defray the cost of some of our (and by “our” I mean the royal “our” as in those who need the cash the most) serious repairs.  We’d hate to be bogged down with any legal stuff (like how would we decide who got the money? or what if we didn’t raise enough? or what if Jay Mohr sues us over copyright of his name?), but this may just work.

So what do you think?  Leave your comments below….