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Even Jackie Chan is dumbfounded...

Reader rglad left a comment in another posting regarding his current situation with UPH.  Looks like Mr K is staying on-point with his financing issue message.  We wish rglad the best.  But as a postscript, rglad mentioned the following:

Also from the meeting we found that Steve didn’t even know his buildings were in foreclosure. He found out from one of his clients and was shocked. This is a little scary knowing that the owner of the company didn’t even know there was an issue.

Wait a minute… Whaaaat?  Mr K was unaware of his properties foreclosures?  Is he not reading his mail or something?

Look, we at Mistakably Premier found Mr K to be a nice guy.  And we don’t really harbor any ill will to him or his company(s).  But come on, Man!  Let’s be honest… What kind of statement is made when a President and CEO has no knowledge of what’s legally transpiring at his company?

NOT the actual sign in front of UPH Offices

I’ve got to hand it to our loyal readers… They’ve been doing most of the heavy lifting while we’ve been hibernating!  Over on our fourms, guest commentator “guest_guest” has pointed us in the direction of the Medina County Sheriff’s Office website which lists all the upcoming properties on the auction block.  One address in particular stood out among the rest: 1392 High Street, Wadsworth.  Why?  That’s the location of UPH’s home office…

“But wait!” you say.  “The listed owner is a 7972 Ridge Road LLC, not UPH.  What gives?”  Good question.  But if you follow the rabbit down the hole, you see that this foreclosure is linked to the Civil Case 11CIV1314, which lists not only 7972 Ridge as a defendant, but also the esteemed Mr K. (plant face firmly in  palm here).  Seems Mr. K. co-signed the loan, and now, PNC Bank is asking for it’s money back – to the tune of $1 Million!

Usually, we’d put a handy-dandy chart up about now to show how Mr K. is tied to 7972 Ridge Road LLC, 1392 High Street, and case number 11CIV1314, but we’re pretty sure our readers are smart enough to get it.