Well lookie here… Hat tip to reader Michael who posted a story from Cleveland.com onto the Mistakably Premier Facebook wall…

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine on Tuesday sued a Wadsworth builder, Unmistakably Premier Homes, and its owner, Stephen M. Kovack for failure to complete homes as agreed.

We’re not sure what this means for those that had money taken, but we know it’s worse for Mr. K.  That said, anyone know what happens if Mike DeWine wins?  Does the fines go to the customers that were slighted?

More of this story to follow!

UPDATE:  This one’s from the Jackson County Daily –

The lawsuit charges violations of the state’s Consumer Sales Practices Act, including failure to deliver, failing to perform in a workmanlike manner and failing to correct such work, and stalling and evading obligations, including failing to promptly deliver services for which consumers contracted.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the press release from the Ohio Attorney General’s office, including the complaint filed (in PDF).


19 Action News’ Danielle Serino

This afternoon, Mistakably Premier received an urgent, and somewhat cryptic, email for our favorite investigative reporter, Danielle Serino:


The caps and the multiple exclamation points are all hers.

What could be in store?  We’ll be setting our DVRs, and we hope you can tune in as well!

UPDATE:  Our sources (okay, our email) just noted that a full story will be done at 11:00…

UPDATE:  Looks like the story about Ohio AG suing UPH is the scoop.  The stories at 4:30 and 5:30 talked about the filing, and promise more in-depth coverage at 11:00, so set your DVRs!

Pretty, pretty, please? Like, with sugar on top?

We’re sure that like us, you’ve been discouraged by the apparent lack of charity the Internet has bestowed upon our little project so far.  Actually, that’s not a fair statement – to give something for nothing isn’t very appealing, and we totally understand (but hey, we said we’d give anyone who contributed some moolah at least a Thank You, so what’s up Internetters?).  Only 20 days left…

So, we created a real simple YouTube plea to help get the word out.  It’s not Schindler’s List, or Titanic, or even Star Wars (well, it’s a bit like Ep. 1, a The Phantom Menace), but it’ll do.  Take a look, and don’t forget to share with all your friends!  Let’s see if this shakes things loose!

Red Red DeWine…

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UB Submitting a Complaint? Ohio’s AG, Mike DeWine

Mike DeWine has been in politics for some time.  His resume includes county prosecutor, Lt. Governor, and even US Senator.  Now, he’s Ohio’s Attorney General.

We’ve got to hand it to Mike.  He has a pretty slick (or should we say pretty AND slick) web site.  The reason we know, is because we just filed a complaint online against UPH.  It was super easy, and only took us about 2 minutes from start to finish.  Since our complaints aren’t criminal in nature, our only reprieve legally would be to file a civil complaint (which requires a third-world treasury to hire a lawyer) or to submit a claim, and let the State do our bidding.

After submitting our complaint, we quickly received an email that stated

Thank you for filing your complaint.
Your complaint reference number is: WR000024597
If you have any additional information, please contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Help Center at (800) 282-0515. Please have your complaint reference number ready.

We’ll document the process as it unfolds here, so stay tuned.  Feel free, in the meantime, to file your own complaint!

Drip, drip, drip…

You may recall that, among other issues we were having, one was a leaking window.  It was ultimately resolved, after being identified as an issue with ice, gutters, and thaws.  So imagine our surprise when we recently experienced another leaky window.  This one can’t be contributed to any ice dams, or Spring thaws, since it happened in the Fall.

To be fair, this is not a warranty issue, as it made it appearance some four-plus years after the home was built.  But nonetheless, it’s disconcerting.  What other issues lurk around our Unmistakably Premier Home?

So, can anyone recommend a reliable handyman that may be able to take care of our current issue?

Before It Comes To This…

One of the more interesting insights from Danielle Serino’s October 20th story about UPH was the lack of government oversight into Mr K’s operation. That’s not to say the County or the State should be breathing down a business owner’s neck, but once an issue is discovered, shouldn’t the authorities take some action?

One suggestion offered was to begin submitting police reports to the Medina County Sheriff’s department.  The thought behind this was that once filed, it would trigger the County Prosecutor’s office to begin their own investigation.  We’re no legal experts here at Mistakably Premier, but we were a bit hesitant to endorse this action, seeing as, in our minds, our issues with UPH were more civil than criminal in nature (with a few rare exceptions).

Before we sounded the battle cry, we made a few phone calls to see what the correct course of action should be.  A call was placed to Mr. Dean Holman’s, Medina County Prosecutor, office, and our suspicions were confirmed.  Unless UPH explicitly took money for promised work not completed, all warranty issues are of a civil matter.  So, all of the problems we’ve experienced land squarely in that category.

If you believe that your issues with UPH are criminal, then we suggest that you do follow up with a police report.  There are many sites out there that explain how exactly to do that.  But before you proceed, you may want to check out this link, which gives some basic guidelines.

Tenacious D!

Intrepid 19 Action News consumer reporter, Danielle Serino, aired another story last night on the 11 o’clock news in her quest to rid Ohio of bad contractors.  While not specifically aimed at our favorite home builder, there was quite of bit of B-roll used from her previous expose’ on Unmistakably Premier Homes, and featured one Premier Homes “customer” in particular, who’s out $15 large due to Mr. K.

Check out the video by clicking HERE!

Perhaps we should promise some Barenaked Ladies…

One week ago today, we flipped the switch on the Project MOHR’s fundraising campaign, and to this date, exactly zero dollars have been raised (cue the “Wah, wah…” Debbie-Downer trumpet).  But that was to be expected, as this campaign has just started.

What has got to happen, however, is to start spreading the word about Project MOHR, as just us talking about is like preaching to the choir.  So we’re gonna need the help of the loyal readers of Mistakably Premier, not in donations, but in word-of-mouth.  So here’s what we have to do:

1) If you have a Facebook account (and who doesn’t these days?) head on over to the Indiegogo.com site that’s hosting the campaign, and click on the little “Like” button.  The more “Likes” a campaign has, the more Indiegogo will feature it, and the more visitors will see it.  The same goes for Tweets if you’re hip to that jive…

Two Easy Steps…

2) Don’t be shy about letting your friends on Facebook know about Project MOHR.  Share the link to the campaign by posting it once in a while on your Facebook wall.

3) Remember that shampoo commercial a few decades back?  You know, the one where Heather Locklear was so impressed with the way her shampoo makes her feathered hair all poofy, that she told two friends, then they told two friends, and so on, and so on and…  Well, that’s what we’ll have to do as well.  Let your friends and co-workers know about Project MOHR, and how they can help pass the word.  We’re not looking to get contributions from all of them, just the publicity.

Wayne tells two friends, and then they tell two friends, and so on, and so on…

It’s not like we don’t have a lot of time still, 53 days to be exact… But let’s see if we can meet our goals early.

Oh, and if you really do want to contribute, that’s fine too!

Jerry and Mistakably Premier Wants to Know!

If you’ve ever taken the time to explore this here blog, you’d notice a poll that’s been sitting on the left side of your screen since day one.  The poll basically asks if you’ve had a good experience with your Unmistakably Premier Home.  While we draw no conclusion about the scientific validity of the poll (after all, the name if this blog is Mistakably Premier), we noted an overwhelming majority of respondents chose a less than favorable response.  But to UPH’s credit, a few did respond with a “I’ve had a pleasant experience” which made us wonder, “who are these people?”

The other day, we actually heard from one homeowner who was quite satisfied with their home.  In fact, they were shocked that others were having such a horrible go at it.  And that got us thinking a bit, not about what UPH has become, but what it once was and what we hope it still can be.  No one wins if UPH goes down in flames; neither us homeowners nor Mr K.  To be honest, it wouldn’t take a whole lot.  Something as simple as asking for forgiveness and then showing us a detailed plan, and then showing progress to that plan (without the tired excuses) would go a long way.

Here’s hoping that instead of hiding behind excuses and lawsuits, UPH can find their way once again.

Project MOHR is Live

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Project MOHR – It’s ALIVE!

After a long development period, we have finally taken the wraps off of our latest endeavour – Project MOHR is a go!  Take some time to explore the new site at projectmohr.org, and then share with all your friends and neighbors!  The only way this will be successful will be if you help spread the word.  The more people that hear about Project MOHR, the better the chances we’ll be able to raise the money to help everyone Unmistakably Premier Homes has wronged!

Recall, Project MOHR’s goal is to bring Mike Holmes here to our area to help make our homes right.  We plan on using all the funds raised to:

  1. Fund our attempt to get Mike down here
  2. If unsuccessful, aid in  financing home owners who need to make repairs to their homes

We still need to determine the exact criteria for goal #2, and we’re open to suggestions.  One possibility may be to have all the candidates write in and then put it up to the Mistakably Premier community for a vote…

If you have any questions, let us know at MistakablyPremier@gmail.com, or post it in the comments below.

Remember – Share and share often!