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Giggity, Giggity...

Giggity, Giggity…

Periodically, we at Mistakably Premier peer into the statistics of who has been visiting (okay, it’s more like every hour!), to get an idea of where most of our traffic comes from.  It’s probably no shock that a majority of it comes from the greater Cleveland area.  Sometimes, Google will bring a visitor from some distance place like Santiago, Chile, or Seoul, South Korea, or Cincinnati, Ohio.  They quickly see that this is not the site they’re looking for, and then click off to the next site.

But every now and then, we get a flood of traffic from a particular location that peaks our interest.  For example, when 19 Action News was preparing their story, we saw traffic from Atlanta, Georgia.  Just after the announcement of Mike DeWine’s actions against UPH, we got a bunch of hits from Columbus, Ohio.  Just prior to the Ohio Attorney General re-serving papers to Mr. K in Miami, we saw a bunch of hits from Miami Beach, Florida (was that Mr. K himself doing a bit of recon?).  It’s pretty interesting to see the patterns form.

So that got us wondering, why do you come to Mistakably Premier?  What’s the draw, and why do you come back?

Jerry and Mistakably Premier Wants to Know!

If you’ve ever taken the time to explore this here blog, you’d notice a poll that’s been sitting on the left side of your screen since day one.  The poll basically asks if you’ve had a good experience with your Unmistakably Premier Home.  While we draw no conclusion about the scientific validity of the poll (after all, the name if this blog is Mistakably Premier), we noted an overwhelming majority of respondents chose a less than favorable response.  But to UPH’s credit, a few did respond with a “I’ve had a pleasant experience” which made us wonder, “who are these people?”

The other day, we actually heard from one homeowner who was quite satisfied with their home.  In fact, they were shocked that others were having such a horrible go at it.  And that got us thinking a bit, not about what UPH has become, but what it once was and what we hope it still can be.  No one wins if UPH goes down in flames; neither us homeowners nor Mr K.  To be honest, it wouldn’t take a whole lot.  Something as simple as asking for forgiveness and then showing us a detailed plan, and then showing progress to that plan (without the tired excuses) would go a long way.

Here’s hoping that instead of hiding behind excuses and lawsuits, UPH can find their way once again.

The hardest thing in life to learn is which bridge to cross and which to burn.

As is stated in the ‘About’ page, our aim on Mistakably Premier is not to discourage people from building or buying from Unmistakably Premier Homes, but to educate and, hopefully, encourage UPH to live up to their own mission statement.  We’ve documented our own headaches with our home, and, where appropriate, highlighted some business issues that UPH is facing.  Granted, we’re not the most objective party, nor do we regard ourselves as a paragon of journalism, but we believe we’ve been fair and factual (if somewhat irreverent) in our coverage of UPH.

However, we fear our reporting may have resulted in the souring of any diplomatic relations we have with UPH.  But what do you think?  Should we continue our documenting of UPH issues?  Are we doing the right thing?  Have we gone too far?

Leave your answers in the comments below…

The “L”-Word

Posted: August 21, 2011 in Legal, Polls
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As the delays and excuses mount, we’ve been thinking about seeking legal help.  What do you think?  Should we begin the process of lawsuit?