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19 Action News’ Danielle Serino

This afternoon, Mistakably Premier received an urgent, and somewhat cryptic, email for our favorite investigative reporter, Danielle Serino:


The caps and the multiple exclamation points are all hers.

What could be in store?  We’ll be setting our DVRs, and we hope you can tune in as well!

UPDATE:  Our sources (okay, our email) just noted that a full story will be done at 11:00…

UPDATE:  Looks like the story about Ohio AG suing UPH is the scoop.  The stories at 4:30 and 5:30 talked about the filing, and promise more in-depth coverage at 11:00, so set your DVRs!

Jerry and Mistakably Premier Wants to Know!

If you’ve ever taken the time to explore this here blog, you’d notice a poll that’s been sitting on the left side of your screen since day one.  The poll basically asks if you’ve had a good experience with your Unmistakably Premier Home.  While we draw no conclusion about the scientific validity of the poll (after all, the name if this blog is Mistakably Premier), we noted an overwhelming majority of respondents chose a less than favorable response.  But to UPH’s credit, a few did respond with a “I’ve had a pleasant experience” which made us wonder, “who are these people?”

The other day, we actually heard from one homeowner who was quite satisfied with their home.  In fact, they were shocked that others were having such a horrible go at it.  And that got us thinking a bit, not about what UPH has become, but what it once was and what we hope it still can be.  No one wins if UPH goes down in flames; neither us homeowners nor Mr K.  To be honest, it wouldn’t take a whole lot.  Something as simple as asking for forgiveness and then showing us a detailed plan, and then showing progress to that plan (without the tired excuses) would go a long way.

Here’s hoping that instead of hiding behind excuses and lawsuits, UPH can find their way once again.

The saga continues.  Last time, we wrote about our own issues, as well as Mr K’s reasons for the lack of warranty satisfactions.  Today, we’ll try and cover some of the “Bigger Picture” issues that readers of this site have brought to our attention… Starting with the issue of liens.

A Brief Lesson in Home Construction

When the subject of liens, and missed deadlines was broached, Mr K was very eager to talk about this issue.  To understand the whole story, he explained how home building works, which was really informative (we’ve never built our home, only purchased an already constructed house).  First, we were told that when a home is built, the builder usually is required to take out construction loans to cover the costs.  The homeowner’s mortgage only goes to the purchase of the home itself.  Therefore, the builder, in this case UPH, secures the financing to build.

In the past, this financing came by way of the major banks, like PNC, Huntington,  and Fifth Third.  These construction loans are usually up for review and renewal every so often.  During this review period, banks will usually extend the loan.   However, with the recent credit crunch, banks have been reconsidering this practice, and in some extreme cases, have rescinded the loans already established.    This means that work already performed on some homes needed to be stopped – and in some extreme cases – work already done went unpaid.  When that happens, subcontractors take out liens.

To get out from under this cycle, UPH has gone to private investors to cover new construction, while the homes already in progress have found traditional financing – that is, unless it was a home first financed by Huntington.

A Grain of Salt

It’s up to you to believe the explanation that was given during our meeting.  Mr K was very convincing, and like was mentioned previously, he did seem honest and sincere.    While our conversation answered most of our concerns, we are certain not all of your’s have been addressed.  Therefore, we encourage you to continue posting comments, or submitting your own stories to Mistakably Premier.

It’s been awhile since we’ve posted.  Unlike our last long-term absence, this one was due to, you know, living life.  But we do have some updates to pass along.

Last time we posted about the pending meeting we were to have with Mr K. at our humble abode.  We’re pleased to report that the summit went pretty well. In attendance was not only Mr. K, but UPH’s new warranty manager, Andy.  The conversation covered many things, including our own issues with our Unmistakably Premier Home, our overall dissatisfaction with UPH’s responsiveness, Biggie S’s status, the current state of the business, and last, but certainly not least, our readers’ concerns.

But before we get into a full debrief, we’d like to first say a few things about Mr K. himself.  Surprisingly, Mr. K is a very personable man.  He was very frank and candid with us, andm to top it off, he was very apologetic.  His candor and apology was very much appreciated.  His warranty manager, Andy, also seems to be a pretty stand-up guy.  That being said, let’s get to the nitty-gritty!  Pour yourself a tall one, and get really comfortable – this is gonna be a long post!


Two Superpowers Meet

Two Superpowers Meet

In October of 1986, President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev met in the Icelandic capital of Raykjavik to discuss an arms treaty.  Gorbachev proposed a sweeping reduction in nuclear weapons on the condition that the US limit their testing of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI, or, as it was commonly called back then, “Star Wars”) to laboratory testing.  Reagan, while agreeing to the cuts in nuclear arms, rejected the proposal outright, stating that he could not back down on SDI, as he promised the citizens of the United States he would not “give in” on SDI.  At the time, it seemed the two day meeting resulted in absolutely nothing.

But, in fact, the talks were significant in a number of ways.  It was the first time the Soviets agreed to talk about human rights.  Both men found common ground to stand upon with regards to eliminating the nuclear threat.  And, most importantly, it set the stage for the eventual draw down in nuclear arms.

So what does this history lesson have to do with us?  As was posted last week, an olive branch was offered by Ms. M, a friend of Unmistakably Premier Homes.  That email led to a phone conversation, which has ultimately lead to a planned meeting for this week with Mr K, Steven Kovack, UPH’s President.  And like the historic Reykjavik Summit, almost 25 years to the day, we don’t expect immediate resolution of our concerns, but we do see this as a positive first step in our struggle.

A while back we asked the question “where has Biggie S (UPH’s warranty manager) gone?”  We have heard from multiple independent sources that Biggie S is no longer working for UPH.  From the information we are able to gather, Biggie S was not necessarily a direct employee of UPH, but rather a contractor working for UPH.  The difference is subtle, but distinct.

It is unknown at this time who (or if?) will take over Biggie S’s duties.  Stay tuned to find out more!

Let’s Hope No Resistance is Encountered!

This past week, we received an email from a “Ms. M” who appears to represent Mr K and UPH.  This is the first time anyone affiliated with Premier has contacted us since we began providing this outlet for us, and others, to discuss our issues with our Unmistakably Premier Homes.

We haven’t spoken with Ms. M at any great length (basically traded emails), but we plan to speak with her soon.  We will say that she appears to genuinely want to help resolve our issues, and that this overture is greatly appreciated.

So, along with all our questions and concerns that we’ll be asking, are there any questions you, our readers, would like us to ask?  I know one of our first questions will be, “What took you so long?”!

NOT Biggie S (but would be cool if it was)

Over the last three years, we’ve seen a fair amount of turnover at UPH.  In the past year or so, we have been dealing with one individual, who we’ll call Biggie S to protect the innocent.

Biggie S was always a hard man to get a hold of.  But most of the time, a message left on his voicemail would result in a returned call in a day or two.  That is, until recently.  Our calls to Biggie S have gone unanswered.  Has the outing of UPH’s crimes against our sanity caused us to become personae non gratae (that means persons not welcome for those of you in Barberton)?  Editor’s note:  People of Barberton – we kid!  We’ll begin documenting our calls on the Diary page, just for fun.

Where has Biggie S gone?  If you know, feel free to let us know.  We’re getting worried!