Are you a proud owner of an Unmistakably Premier Home?  Lucky you – so are we.  By now, you must realize that the “quality and value at a price lower than you believed possible” isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

We’ve owned our Premier Home for just over three years now.  At first, we were encouraged by inclusion of a New Home Warranty, and we even saw some hustle in the builder’s step to correct things on our first walk-through.  But as the 12 month walk-through came and went, we saw a continual decline of service.  Now, we’re just plain fed up with the continual promises, and lack of delivery.

Mistakably Premier has been created for those, like us, that are a little less than happy with their Unmistakably Premier Home.  We’ll try to document our issues, and invite you to submit your stories as well.

We’re not saying that Premier is a shady builder.  In fact, overall, it could be a lot worse.  All we hope to accomplish from this site is that current home owners help educate prospective buyers – and perhaps motivate Premier to excel to the quality and value they once achieved.

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