Mr K – You Got Served

Posted: November 28, 2012 in Business, Legal
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Yeah – Something Like That…

Quick State of Ohio v UPH update:  UPH and Mr K have been served as of November 27th.  As per Rule of the Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure, Mr K has 28 days to submit an answer to the Attorney General’s office, and an additional three days after that to file that answer with the Medina County Court.

Start the clock!

  1. Where's Waldo says:

    According to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office…Mr. K has not been served…

    They have been unable to find him at his place of business, so now they must wait the requisite amount of time, before finding him elsewhere.

    It’s like those childhood books we all read…but instead of Waldo, it’s Mr. K!

  2. Pat says:

    Send it to Medina County Auditors office c/o of Michael Kovack!

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