A Police Action?

Posted: October 24, 2012 in Legal, Problems
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Before It Comes To This…

One of the more interesting insights from Danielle Serino’s October 20th story about UPH was the lack of government oversight into Mr K’s operation. That’s not to say the County or the State should be breathing down a business owner’s neck, but once an issue is discovered, shouldn’t the authorities take some action?

One suggestion offered was to begin submitting police reports to the Medina County Sheriff’s department.  The thought behind this was that once filed, it would trigger the County Prosecutor’s office to begin their own investigation.  We’re no legal experts here at Mistakably Premier, but we were a bit hesitant to endorse this action, seeing as, in our minds, our issues with UPH were more civil than criminal in nature (with a few rare exceptions).

Before we sounded the battle cry, we made a few phone calls to see what the correct course of action should be.  A call was placed to Mr. Dean Holman’s, Medina County Prosecutor, office, and our suspicions were confirmed.  Unless UPH explicitly took money for promised work not completed, all warranty issues are of a civil matter.  So, all of the problems we’ve experienced land squarely in that category.

If you believe that your issues with UPH are criminal, then we suggest that you do follow up with a police report.  There are many sites out there that explain how exactly to do that.  But before you proceed, you may want to check out this link, which gives some basic guidelines.


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