Project MOHR is Live

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Blogs, Project MOHR
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Project MOHR – It’s ALIVE!

After a long development period, we have finally taken the wraps off of our latest endeavour – Project MOHR is a go!  Take some time to explore the new site at, and then share with all your friends and neighbors!  The only way this will be successful will be if you help spread the word.  The more people that hear about Project MOHR, the better the chances we’ll be able to raise the money to help everyone Unmistakably Premier Homes has wronged!

Recall, Project MOHR’s goal is to bring Mike Holmes here to our area to help make our homes right.  We plan on using all the funds raised to:

  1. Fund our attempt to get Mike down here
  2. If unsuccessful, aid in  financing home owners who need to make repairs to their homes

We still need to determine the exact criteria for goal #2, and we’re open to suggestions.  One possibility may be to have all the candidates write in and then put it up to the Mistakably Premier community for a vote…

If you have any questions, let us know at, or post it in the comments below.

Remember – Share and share often!


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