Mistakably Premier – As Seen On TV!

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Blogs, Video
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Take That, Thigh Master!

So last night was the debut of the 19 Action News story on Unmistakably Premier Homes.

In case you missed it, click HERE to see it.

To be honest, we were a bit underwhelmed with the story, but then we realized that all of our stories could fill a whole 24 hour cable news channel, and to be fair to Danielle, she only had three and a half minutes to make her point.  Also, considering  the fact that Channel 19 is watched by more people than this scrappy old blog, we know that this story brought our plight to the attention of many many more.

So overall, we thought the story did it’s job well.  We especially enjoyed the visuals at the 1:33 mark!  What do you think?  Leave the comments below…


  1. Tracy says:

    I agreed was very underwhelmed also. I wish she had put a little more emphasis on the fact that no gov official, or agency will do a darn thing about him. Also wished they had mentioned his name, cause I am sure at some point, if he hasn’t already, he will just start operating under a different business name. Agreed, thought the visuals were great!

  2. sally says:

    Disappointed they did not mention him or his team of con-artists! He and his “family” should liquidate their homes,condos,planes,cars.etc. to pay us the monies stolen from us. Then do us a favor and get out of Medina County! They make a decent area dirty!

  3. Jack Teubner says:

    As a home owner by Mistakably Premier, new 1/1/2008, and as a Medina County law enforcement officer, I not only made complaints and wanted a investigation of theft by deception (criminal felonys) to the Ohio Attorney General office. Reply was refering my case (against my objections) to the Akron BBB for a compromise, Yes a compromise, of felony theft, where that was met with nothing but writing Premier a letter of my complaints, where as there reply was, and I quote ” they (me) is just crying sour grapes” and that was it folks. Point of intrest, Akron BBB had Premier as a member in good standing with a A+ standing at that time. Want examples of theft by deception, ask !

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