UPDATE: Do You Remember, The 20th Night Of September?

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Other, Uncategorized
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Previously, we reported that Danielle Serino’s story about our favorite home builder would run sometime during the 4:30 to 6:00 hours of Action 19 News’ broadcast.  We just received an email that says something different:

Again it is September 20th on the 11pm news and possibly on the 10pm as well. It will be teased in the shows that air 4-6:30 pm.

So, in other words, we’re not really sure when it’ll air, other than sometime on September 20th.  So set those DVRs and VCRs for every stinking time Action 19 News is on!  We’ve compiled a list below, for your convenience…



12:00 PM – 12:30 PM

Action News at Noon

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Action News First at Four

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Action News at Five

6:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Action News at Six

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Action News at 7:00PM

11:00 PM – 11:35 PM

Action News at Eleven

Good Grief!  That’s a lot of news!

  1. anonymous says:

    If someone happens to record it, could you please upload it online? I would be interested in seeing it, but I am out of town and will not be able to watch it.

  2. anonymous says:

    So looks like Steve is trying to disappear…his email address is bouncing now. I have tried emailing him past two weeks and keep getting bounce backs. Calls to the office number obviously never get returned.

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