UPH May Be In The Dumps, But Not It’s Garbage

Posted: August 17, 2012 in Business, Legal, Problems
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He Loves Trash! But Does Mr K?

Building houses can be a messy business.  An estimate by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), states 8,000 lbs of waste is created from the construction of a 2,000 square foot home.  So where does all that go?  In a dumpster, of course!  But then what?

We recently got a lesson when a local business informed us of yet another Mr K situation.  Typically, a builder will hire a hauling company to leave a dumpster on site, and, when the container is full, haul it to a landfill.  UPH did just that with Amos’ Hauling out of Wayne County.  Unfortunately for them, it’s been several months since Mr K and UPH have paid for their services.

For months, containers have sat full on-site, some with occupants, while payment has been delayed.   Understandably angry homeowners would contact the haulers as to why, and get the honest answer “we haven’t been paid.”  When word got back to UPH about this, they asked Amos’ Hauling to stop.

Several attempts have been made to contact UPH, but excuses range from the inability to pay by credit card to lost invoices.  Needless to say, the owners of Amos’ Hauling have had enough of Mr K’s garbage – so they gave it right back.  Since UPH still hasn’t paid for pickup and disposal of the waste, technically, it’s still Mr K’s stuff.  So Amos’ Hauling has decided to give it to him – at his home.  Mr K now has a dumpster sitting in his driveway, in hopes it will remind him to pay his bill.

Mr. K’s New Neighbor

However, instead of signing his name on a check, he has signed a police report.  Seems he’s not too happy with his friendly reminder.  Amos’ Hauling has responded with their own police report which outlines their position in detail.  Hilarity is almost certain to ensue.  Stay tuned…

  1. Amy says:

    When is Ch. 19 doing the story on UPH?

  2. Pat says:

    LOVE IT! PAYBACK IS A B….!!!!!!

  3. Mike says:

    Guys – I got screwed over pretty bad by UPH, but have any of you considered that they used to be great? Has anyone stopped to think that the credit crunch and the credit line freeze in part created by a crappy economy just hit them too hard to recover the same way it did to thousands of other business owners? I think he is just another small time business owner who got destroyed by the great recession because he was over leveraged. Not a greedy businessman or with malice intentions but just poorly organized that was compounded with the economy.

    None of us did proper checks on his business performance and made big investments with him. So in part we are to blame. Own that part of the mistake rather than blaming it entirely on him. I know I will never build with anyone again until I have verified their financial stability.

    Say what you will about him but at least he was a local builder keeping the money in the local economy. I like this site, but it would be nice if you tried to keep it more informative and less vindictive and hateful I know he has angered a lot of people in the community but I think this has gone too far. Not sure if it is creepy, shady or downright disgusting to be going to his house or all three but it is starting to appear like we are crossing the line and behaving at or below is his level which is something we should stop doing and take the time to think about.

    • Ryan says:

      Your points are valid. Like we’ve mentioned previously, none of us would like to see UPH go under. It’s not our goal to make anyone look bad for something that may be out of their control, but rather encourage UPH to deliver on their promises through a bit of negative reenforcement. I think what you may be interpreting as vindictiveness is actually our readers’ frustration. This entire blog would have even existed if UPH and Mr K fulfilled their promises and obligations to their contractors and customers. I think most of us understand the current economic conditions haven’t been kind to a lot of businesses. If UPH, and more specifically Mr K, was honest and upfront wih us, we would be more understanding, and less willing to air our grievances.

      We’ve intentionally kept our blog a bit tongue in cheek because we don’t want to come off as a bunch of vindictive people. All the stories are based off of public records and facts. No ones privacy has been violated nor have we posted any story that we could not verify. We welcome opposing points of view (even those directly from UPH and/or Mr K), so keep coming back, and keep on posting!

    • renee says:

      I appreciate you be able to look at the other side of the situation….. it makes you a big person but when someone has cost you 20,000 of you hard earned money its hard to see the other side regardless of their previous reputation.

  4. Mike says:

    I get your points Ryan and Renee. No one is saying the site or blog tone to date has not been spot on or accurate relative to UPH and their actions because it has. My wife and I have been reading the site over the last few years when our ordeal with them started and it was nice to see others going through the same experience with endless delays, shoddy quality and the constant chasing of our tails. Just fee like the last post was a bit over the line. I am not saying he does not deserve just be careful before you go too far down that path.

  5. fiercemom says:

    I don’t believe “Mike” has been stiffed one dime. A few reasons which I shall name:

    1. People in general love their money too much to take any viewpoint of the guy that just ran away with their life savings or even one red cent without so much as an apology, or even a phone call for that matter.
    2. You don’t tell people to “be careful” about telling the truth about what’s happened to them. In fact, that’s more like a veiled threat.
    In my humble opinion, “Mike” sounds more like a) Steve Kovack himself or b) A disgruntled family member. Again, just my opinion.

    Furthermore, while Steve owns several properties, we are working our rear ends off to pay for one. One home that we will have to renovate in the near future to accommodate our disabled two year old son. He has spina bifida and is unable to walk. The amount Steve owes us would go a long way right about now. Does anyone realize how many properties Steve owns?

    So if you really have been ripped off by poor Steve Kovack, I’m very happy that money is no big deal for you. Sounds like you’ve got more where that came from. The rest of us are hurting to get back on our feet because of his irresponsible actions. A phone call would go a long way, but he’s run out of people to do his talking for him.

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