Project MOHR Update

Posted: July 27, 2012 in Blogs, Project MOHR

Here’s an update with regards to Project MOHR.

The Plan

We’ve done some checking, and we think the idea might fly.  The point of all of this is to bring Mike Holmes to the Cleveland area to perform his magic on some (if not all!) of our problem homes.  Since Mike’s productions don’t stray too far outside of Ontario, here’s how we plan to get his attention, and his butt to Ohio.

  • Step 1: Ask nicely. We’ll send his production team a nice email. Cost: $0. If they refuse, then we move to…
  • Step 2: Beg. We plan to produce a dossier that contains a list of our known issues, pictures, and even a short video that will explain our problems. Then, we (and when I say “we”, I really mean “me”) will make the trek across the border via car, submit to any embarrassing questions and/or searches by the border patrol, and hand deliver the package to Mike Holmes himself (or his secretary, depends on how much security the man has). We will need to cover the expense of making the video, driving to and staying a night in Toronto, and any miscellaneous bribes that would be needed along the way. Cost: $1,500. If we get turned away (or deported), then it’s on to…
  • Step 3: Wine and Dine. If the first two steps fail to yield results, we’re prepared to woo Mike to Cleveland to convince him to help us in our struggle. This will include the purchase of a first-class round trip airline ticket in the name of Mike Holmes from Toronto to Cleveland, first-class accommodations at the luxurious Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland, for one night, exclusive limo service during his stay, a ticket to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, spending cash which may be used at the Horseshoe Casino Cleveland, located in the Historic Higbee Building, meals, as well as tours of all our homes to inspect the damage. Cost: $8,500.

While the goal of the project will be to bring Mike Holmes to the Cleveland area, we’re planning on using any superfluous funds raised to help those homeowners that have significant issues and may be in a tight bind financially.  We’re defining superfluous here as any funds raised beyond the set goal, or if Mike declines all our invitations.

The Site

We’re planning on using as the crowdfunding site, since it has a bit more liberal terms than, and seems to be the place for these type of projects.  In order to “entice” contributions, we’re planning on offering the following incentives;

  • The Dudley MOHR (see what we did there?): Contribute as little as $1, and we’ll put the contributor’s name on a “Wall of Thanks”.
  • The Roger MOHR (where do we get these names?): Contribute $007, and along with our Wall of Thanks, get a signed photo of Ryan in Toronto begging Mike to come to Cleveland.
  • The Thomas MOHR: Contribute $25, and our in-house Poet Laureate will write a short personalize poem
  • The Clayton MOHR: $50 will get the contributor a handmade Popsicle-stick and clothes-pin saw horse, painted silver, of course
  • The Demi MOHR: $100 will get the contributor all of the previous perks, plus a silicone “Construction” duck
  • The Michael MOHR: The largest contributions of $1000 or more will get you all of the above (including the Construction Duck!) plus your choice of any Mike Holmes DVD sets from Seasons 1 through 3!
The Timeline

This is where it get’s a little vague.  We’re slowly getting all the prerequisite materials gathered, which includes a short hand-made video which will basically be our sales pitch on Indiegogo.  Plus, we want to see if we can publicize the effort a bit more – perhaps with the help of our new friend Ms. Serino.  So until all of this is accomplished, we’re gonna hold off on a definite timeline.  However, we’d like to see most of this done before the end of this year – all doable if we get our act in gear – so stay tuned.  If you want to help out, let us know!

  1. renee says:

    Wasnt sure where to post this but I wanted to share something. Our UPH story has come to an end. I’ve shared before that we went into contract in october of 2010 and in june of 2012 the property and home that we were building went into foreclosure due to the carter lumber- PNC case. The lawyer who represents PNC told our lawyer that even if we still had wanted the house they would have never been able to sell it to us. Due to spring weather and the home exposure to the elements. The home has mold in the walls. They may have to just tear the house down. Thankful our UPH nightmare is over. Good luck to you!

    • Ryan says:


      Sorry your story didn’t have a fairy tale ending, but at least the nightmare is over. So what’s next for you? Will you attempt to build again or is it a case of once bitten, twice shy?

      • renee says:

        We’ve learned our lesson and are moving in another direction. We are in the process of buying a preexisting home. Hopefully we can move in before our second bundle of joy comes.

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