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Posted: July 10, 2012 in Blogs, Other
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How did “According to Jim” stay on the air for so long?

Wow… First, we’d like to thank all the folks that trekked out to the Mistakably Premier home office to be a part of television journalism history (alright, that’s a bit much, but thank you anyway)!  It was a bittersweet moment, as it was awesome to see the support, but not-so-great considering why all of us were gathered.

Second, we’d like to thank Danielle Serino, and her team, from Action 19 News, for giving us a voice.  Let’s face it, even though the intertubies are considered the “New Media”, good old fashioned television gives our cause a bit more gravitas.  We hope we gave them some good soundbites!

Finally, it became really apparent that our issues pale in comparison to the issues most of you have had to endure.  Sure, we complain about squeaky floors, water leaks, standing water, and cold rooms, but some of you have much bigger fish to fry.  We were humbled by the severity of the issues that others were dealing with, and from now on, will consider ourselves fortunate.

So now what?  Well, we’ll still keep reporting on all the news that Mr K generates.  We’ll keep posting your stories, and hopefully, we’ll start recording some of your successes.  The Channel 19 News story will air sometime later this or next month, so watch for that (we’ll post as much as we’re legally able to on this site as well!).

Keep commenting, keep emailing, keep fighting.

  1. sally dykes says:

    I did a channel 19 interview regarding UPH approx 7 weeks ago. Didnt know about the gathering in Wadsworth. Will check this site more often now, although hopes of getting my deposit back seems slim. Thanks for all the information and updates.

  2. luis says:

    when is the channel 19 interview going to be broadcast

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