Greenhaven In, UPH Out of Dover Highlands

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Business, News
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UPH Being Shown the Door

Looks Greenhaven has gone all Fleetwood Mac on UPH and told them to “Go your own way!”.  Residents of the primarily UPH developed subdivision of Dover Highlands received a letter this week from Greenhaven Development Company, who are now the proud managers of the community’s Home Owner Association (HOA).  The complete letter can be read after the break, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Greenhaven has partnered with Ryan Homes “to ensure that Dover Highlands would move forward”
  • Greenhaven has severed it’s ties with UPH, but will be “continually pressing UPH to complete their obligations”
    • UPH still owns 7 lots in Dover Highlands, and will be allowed to build on them
  • Greenhaven purports that “under Unmistakably Premier Homes and Barnett Management (previous HOA manager), the HOA has suffered financially and operationally”

That’s some good news for the homeowners in Dover Highlands, but not so great news for UPH customers.

The Greenhaven Letter - Click to Embiggen

  1. Shane says:

    I’m in the Laurel Glen Subdivision in Brunswick where my my Mistakenly Premier roof began leaking within 2 years of construction. Mistakenly Premier wouldnt even send someone out to look at it and told me to contact their subcontractor. The subcontractor said that he hasnt been paid in months for work his company had performed so he wouldn’t address the issue either. I would recommend that no one use this home builder.

    I also think that the Medina County Auditor (Michael Kovack) should be audited in respect to dealings with his brothers business (Stephen Kovack) as I have heard that their was unscrupulous activity going on.

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