Posted: November 21, 2011 in Business, Problems, Ratings
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Just so you don’t think our new-found love for UPH has side-tracked us from our stated mission, we bring you the latest in BBB grades… And it’s not pretty.  During our time documenting Unmistakably Premier Homes’ Better Business Bureau score, we’ve seen the marks get worse, and worse.  Well, my friends, it don’t get much worse than this – a big fat “F”! Uh oh…

Screenshot removed due to copyright concerns. Enjoy the picture of the puppies instead!

The good news is, there’s nowhere else but up!

  1. Fed up with UPH says:


    Thanks for this blog, looks like we are not alone in our problems with UPH. We signed a contract back in January and our house is still not complete! They have been giving us the run around and not replying to our emails and calls. I’ve told them I’ll be contacting a lawyer and going to the press but they could care less.

    I was wondering if there is anyone here that is already working on a case against UPH? We are looking for a lawyer who would be familiar with UPH. I contacted Medina county Housing commission and they advised that they have received multiple complaints about them but cannot do anything and to contact a lawyer and the Medina County prosecutor. I think with all the problems I’ve been reading here, we should take our problems with UPH to the Medina County Prosecutor and local press.

  2. Pat says:

    I was thinking a class action suit myself!!! I was looking to file against them for nonpayment of lien that was prohibiting my ability to refinance.

    Well at long last lien is paid! I should have thought of this sooner but all it took was a call to the title company (affiliated with Kovack) asking why there was no lien waver release for the subcontractor and it was paid within a week!!!!

    Still have unfinished items from punch list and warranty items that need to be addressed though

    Word to the wise — make sure there are lien wavers releases from all the subcontractor before you close!!!!!

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