Update: Our Own Private Reykjavik – Part 1

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Contacts, Meeting With UPH
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It’s been awhile since we’ve posted.  Unlike our last long-term absence, this one was due to, you know, living life.  But we do have some updates to pass along.

Last time we posted about the pending meeting we were to have with Mr K. at our humble abode.  We’re pleased to report that the summit went pretty well. In attendance was not only Mr. K, but UPH’s new warranty manager, Andy.  The conversation covered many things, including our own issues with our Unmistakably Premier Home, our overall dissatisfaction with UPH’s responsiveness, Biggie S’s status, the current state of the business, and last, but certainly not least, our readers’ concerns.

But before we get into a full debrief, we’d like to first say a few things about Mr K. himself.  Surprisingly, Mr. K is a very personable man.  He was very frank and candid with us, andm to top it off, he was very apologetic.  His candor and apology was very much appreciated.  His warranty manager, Andy, also seems to be a pretty stand-up guy.  That being said, let’s get to the nitty-gritty!  Pour yourself a tall one, and get really comfortable – this is gonna be a long post!

Then the Morning Room Comes…

The first item on the agenda was the long-suffering morning room issue.  Recall, that we have been waiting for UPH to complete a paint job after repairing some water damage.  After inspecting the damage, it quickly became apparent that the both Andy and Mr K did not expect what they saw.  Both men admitted they were under the impression that there was only minor painting to be accomplished.  To explain why, the conversation quickly turned to the infamous “Biggie S”.

Oh, Biggie, Biggie, Biggie

We were under the false impression that “Biggie S” was an employee of UPH.  As we covered before, this wasn’t the case.  Mr. K confirmed this himself.  The arrangement UPH had with Biggie S was put in place to keep the new construction side of the business separate from the warranty work.  These duties were previously handled by an independent service, known as ProHome.  Our first walk-thrus were all handled by ProHome – and to be honest, we had nothing but positive things to say about our experiences.  Unfortunately, with the downturn in the housing market, they couldn’t keep their business afloat – and that’s when UPH found Biggie S.

It seems that UPH declined to pick up Biggie S’s contract for another year, and now those duties fall with Andy, who, unlike Biggie, IS an UPH employee.  With his departure, Biggie S left a large mess for Andy to clean up.  Judging by the exasperation in his voice, it looks to be a daunting task.

Satisfaction Warrantied?

Related to the state of warranty issues was the conversation we had regarding the lack of satisfaction we (and by “we” we mean all of us!) with UPH’s responsiveness.  Again, we were given an apology for the delays.  From the sounds of it, Mr K was aware of grumblings of discontent, but would ask Biggie S the status.  Of course, this was like the fox watching the hen house.

…And That’s Not All

We’ve only scratched the surface of our meeting with Mr. K.  We’ll dive into our conversation with Mr K and Andy later this week in Part 2 of this update.  Stay tuned!

  1. Jon L says:

    Looking forward to more details. Curious – has anyone worked with or had to work through John Davis? I apparently have to call this guy to finish up our Spring items (yes, we’re heading into winter now) and I never get a call back from this guy unless I talk to the interior designer and ask her to talk to him or he gets a warning from the BBB. All I want is for the lights we paid for on the front door to be ordered and installed. Heck, just order them and I will install him. But I am so tired of being this guy or nothing at all.

  2. Michael Ritley says:

    ditto–I can not get any response from UPH on when our 30day list will be completed and new warranty items that have “popped”up this past year. What a big mistake we made!


  3. ash says:

    good to know they might help you fix some of the damage they should!!! I would love to know why they stole our earnest money and built us no house!! Or why he thinks slapping siding up after the foundation sat for months is “good work” His Quality is poor and his judgement is poor and he is a poor buisness man! I hope all will stay away from all of them at UPH and I will continue spreding the word!

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