Two Superpowers Meet

Two Superpowers Meet

In October of 1986, President Ronald Reagan and Soviet Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev met in the Icelandic capital of Raykjavik to discuss an arms treaty.  Gorbachev proposed a sweeping reduction in nuclear weapons on the condition that the US limit their testing of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI, or, as it was commonly called back then, “Star Wars”) to laboratory testing.  Reagan, while agreeing to the cuts in nuclear arms, rejected the proposal outright, stating that he could not back down on SDI, as he promised the citizens of the United States he would not “give in” on SDI.  At the time, it seemed the two day meeting resulted in absolutely nothing.

But, in fact, the talks were significant in a number of ways.  It was the first time the Soviets agreed to talk about human rights.  Both men found common ground to stand upon with regards to eliminating the nuclear threat.  And, most importantly, it set the stage for the eventual draw down in nuclear arms.

So what does this history lesson have to do with us?  As was posted last week, an olive branch was offered by Ms. M, a friend of Unmistakably Premier Homes.  That email led to a phone conversation, which has ultimately lead to a planned meeting for this week with Mr K, Steven Kovack, UPH’s President.  And like the historic Reykjavik Summit, almost 25 years to the day, we don’t expect immediate resolution of our concerns, but we do see this as a positive first step in our struggle.

  1. Pat says:

    Wow you actually get to meet the elusive Mr. Kovack!!!!

    Hoping this doesn’t mean a shut down of this site as I have so enjoyed your postings!

    BTW — See if you can get Steve to pay the paldry $1200 lien on my property so I can refinance (lol)

    • Ryan says:

      Pat –

      Rest assure, we will not shut down the site. As we have said before, this site’s goal is to make sure UPH lives up to it’s commitment to quality… And that extends to ALL of their customers, past, present and future!

      Feel free to send us an email (or post here on the site) any questions/concerns you may have. Trust me, I plan on raising the concerns that have been posted by others on this site!

  2. Phil says:


    I would be interested to know what that would say about actually contacting our Lawyer, after they said they would 4 weeks ago.

    “BILL” the guy with the sill rot.

    I can’t get anyone there to call me back.

  3. Pat says:

    Did you have your meeting? If so, hope the outcome was favorable

  4. Jon L says:

    Best of luck. If I’m not mistaken, you live pretty close to us. We struggled for a while getting them to respond. Only after a near suspension from the BBB and a call from our lender checkin the status of things held in escrow during our closing did we get them to respond. We’re down to one last thing: fix the lighting on the front an rear entrances, and we were told by Steve O. The project manager that he was fighting to get the right lighting ordered. That was at least two weeks ago. I haven’t bothered to call UPH yet because I know the person I need to speak to, John, never returns my calls.

    Can you find out why in the world they can’t make it a priority to contact customers after they reach out to them and tell them the truth, even if it means there are no updates? Our issues would have been much less frustrating if they just kept us up-to-date on what was happening.

  5. Jon L says:

    By the way, I just noticed they have an F rating now on the BBB and are no longer accredited. It seems they failed to respond to some issues and some were not resolved completely. Last I dealt with the BBB over them it was about 2 months ago and they had a B rating. Seems like things are getting worse, not better.

    • Phil says:

      Last month we contacted BBB to tell them that they had not followed up on our “closed” case. I’m sure this his happening a lot.

      Could this be the end comming? I never did see any of the other liens get relased in Medina County.

  6. Pat says:

    I am still trying to get the $1300 mechanics lien from Wolf Bros paid so I can refinance.
    I call everyday to no avail. And I have been told many times that it is in process of being paid – Ha!

    I don’t want to spend good money after bad but looks like I will have to see a lawyer and sue UPH for damages for the extra interest I am now having to pay. Also for the closing items never completed/corrected and for warranty work done.

    Any body have the name of a good (but relatively inexpensive) lawyer?

  7. Vicky says:

    UPH owes us for assessments for the next 14 years, they were ordered to pay us a 100.00 2x a year. Once in Jan and Jun. Well the June one has not been paid and with many phone calls and no return phone calls. I don’t think they plan on paying us. Its pretty sad the staff they had use to return every phone call and now they avoid them. I live in Laurel Glen in Brunswick. Anyone heard anything please let me know….

    • Jon L says:

      I’ve had luck calling Dawn the designer and at least asking her who you need to get ahold of or who you could escalate the situation to. If John Davis’s name is mentioned, avoid him like the plague and ask to talk to someone else. I’ve also had luck with the new warranty guy Andy who actually understands how to return a call. He may also be able to direct you to someone that can help. Both should be in the directory when you call their main number.

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