When we purchased our Unmistakably Premier Home, we never thought we’d be so fortunate as to have included, at no extra cost, a refrigerator!  But unfortunately, this ice box only works from October to April, and, for the rest of the of the year, converts itself into an oven.  You may have already guessed that this isn’t a GE, a LG, or even a Frigidaire – this is an UPH signature appliance.  Interestingly enough, Colonel Klink from “Hogan’s Heros” had one, and called it “The Cooler”.  Colonel Hogan would sometimes spend 30 days in it.  We call ours the  bedroom over the garage, and spend 365 days a year in it.

We suspect the reason the room takes on the temperature of the garage below it is lack of proper insulation.  We’ve seen enough episodes of Holmes on Homes to understand how, if a garage ceiling isn’t properly insulated, the room above it is essentially exposed to the elements.  We haven’t done any exploration of the garage ceiling to confirm, but if we were betting people, that’s what we’d place our money on.

Another possibility would be the HVAC system design.  To be honest, it doesn’t seem to blow all that hot in the winter, or cold in the summer when the A/C is on.  This may also be a symptom of the improper insulation.   This wouldn’t be the first time UPH has either cut corners or outright missed the opportunity to insulate correctly.

Admittedly, we have never submitted this as a formal walk-through issue.  Chalk that up to one-part ignorance on our part, one-part problem fatigue with the rest of the issues.  Therefore, technically, this isn’t a issue we have raised with Premier before.  But since we have been writing about all the issues we have been having, we figure why not make others aware of this issue.  If you are currently building with Premier (or any other builder for that matter) make sure you discuss the issue of proper insulation of the garage – it’ll save you some heartache in the long run.


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