First Contact

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Contacts, News, Other
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Let’s Hope No Resistance is Encountered!

This past week, we received an email from a “Ms. M” who appears to represent Mr K and UPH.  This is the first time anyone affiliated with Premier has contacted us since we began providing this outlet for us, and others, to discuss our issues with our Unmistakably Premier Homes.

We haven’t spoken with Ms. M at any great length (basically traded emails), but we plan to speak with her soon.  We will say that she appears to genuinely want to help resolve our issues, and that this overture is greatly appreciated.

So, along with all our questions and concerns that we’ll be asking, are there any questions you, our readers, would like us to ask?  I know one of our first questions will be, “What took you so long?”!

  1. Gary Horton says:

    Please send me Ms. M info to contact her. We have big issue with Premier and we need a contact source. thanks for any help you can be.

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