Spring's Better Half

Ah Spring.  It means Winter’s icy grip on the weather slowly loosens, and the world blooms anew.  And, if you own our Unmistakably Premier Home, it also marks the season of ice dams, leaky windows, and water damage to your ceilings.  (This story is a long one!  So pour yourself some coffee before proceeding! – Ed)

We first noticed an issue during our first spring in our home.  We were watching TV and heard dripping coming from one of the windows in our living room.  At first it seemed as though the melting snow and ice was dripping against the window, but on closer inspection, noticed the water coming inside the home, between the transom and main windows.

Premier was quick to respond, going so far as removing the siding around the window.  However, the water had infiltrated the walls near the window, causing the tape to separate from the drywall.  Again, Premier was quick to schedule the appropriate subs to repair and repaint the walls.  We were told that a water test would be done to ensure the root issue was fixed… But it was never completed.

It seemed that all was well until the next spring,  when the water started to leak between the transom and main windows again.  This time, the finger was pointed to the window manufacturer itself – Simonton.  We’ve had issues with our windows before, but Simonton always responded quickly and professionally – and this time was no exception.   After an inspection, a a quick caulk reseal, they concluded it was an installation issue, and therefore any water infiltration was a builder issue.

Premier came back out, and concluded it was an issue with the way the downspouts from the second story roof drained and reconfigured them.  That seemed to do the trick until this spring.  After a large snowfall, and then a quick thaw/refreeze cycle, we began to notice a small stain in our morning room near the leaking window.  The stain grew quickly, and so did our ire.

Looking at the gutter near the leak revealed a large ice dam.  Another few calls to Premier resulted in one final attempt at a fix – the removal of the siding near the leak, and the application of ice guard membrane.  In addition to the ice-guard, a promise was made to repair the interior damage, which included repairing the wet drywall and re-taping, and a final repaint of the ceiling.

It appears the ice-guard has done the job, and the drywall has been repaired.  However, the stain remains.  This work was supposed to be finished mid-April:  it’s now mid-October.

The resulting stain - after the drywall patch. Click to embiggen.

So that’s where we stand – and one of the many reasons this Mistakably Premier was started.  Some questions still remain as well, like:

  1. Will the ice-guard make a difference?
  2. Will we continue to have issues with ice dams in the spring?
  3. How come the promises to fully repair the damage have not been fulfilled?
Ah, yes… Spring.

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