Stories of Horror!!! (Ep. 2)

Posted: October 15, 2011 in Business, Problems, Stories of Horror
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It’s the month of October, and in keeping in the Halloween spirit, Mistakably Premier brings you a new series “STORIES OF HORROR!!!” (insert maniacal laughter here)  All the stories presented in this category are reader-submitted and are not first hand-experiences.  (Note: all the names contained within have been changed to protect the living!)

This episode is a story so gruesome, so terrifying, it can only be described as horrific!  Meet Audrey…

Audrey and her husband are currently building with UPH at one of their fine developments.  What should be an exciting and joyful time in their lives quickly turned into an utter nightmare (muhahaha)!  They signed their contract with Premier at the end of June.  After numerous untruths were told by the Premier representative, “Katie”, Audrey began to investigate on her own.  That’s when Audrey began to discover that Unmistakably Premier Homes may be only a house of cards…

A Web of Mistruths

Audrey uncovered a web of judgments and liens against UPH, shaking her confidence in their builder.  When asked to provide proof of their stability, UPH provided an unsigned document from 2009.  Multiple attempts to reach UPH about this issue have gone unanswered.  It is now October, and no progress has been made to speak of.

At this time, lawyers have been called in to get Audrey’s and her husband’s money back from their ordeal.  Their experience has truly become a STORY OF HORROR!!!

  1. Jeff says:


    My wife and I are in the same situation. We signed our contract with UPH back in March of 2010. As to this date, we still do not have a finished house. We have had all we can talk with UPH and are looking into a lawyer. I was wondering if anything happened since the lawyer and any advice along that path for my wife and I. Thank you very much.

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