It’s the month of October, and in keeping in the Halloween spirit, Mistakably Premier brings you a new series “STORIES OF HORROR!!!” (insert maniacal laughter here)  All the stories presented in this category are reader-submitted and are not first hand-experiences.  (Note: all the names contained within have been changed to protect the living!)

This episode is a story so gruesome, so terrifying, it can only be described as ghoulish!  Meet Bill…

Bill closed on his one-year-old home in April of 2007.  Sometime during this last winter, Bill discovered fungus growth in his basement.  This could mean only one thing – moisture infiltration!  (Imagine scary pipe organ music here)

After investigating this situation, it was determined that water was being held against the2 x 6 sill plate by moist sill insulation (Celtex material).  Somehow, the water was getting in.  Even worse than the fungus was the fact that the sill plate is now rotting from the bottom up!  (Scream!)

Mango Fungus of Terror (1963)

UPH was contacted in April and they came out to take a look at the situation.  The conclusion was the “main office” would need to make a decision.  And then, there was silence.  Absolute silence.  Repeated calls over the next three weeks resulted in nothing.  To this day, no response has detected.

An inspection and a report from a PE has been made, lawyers called, and even a BBB complaint filed.  Bill is still waiting for resolution to this horrific situation.  When will it end?  When.  Will.  It.  End?

This is a cautionary tale.  Bill would like to advise all our readers to check for moisture behind the insulation of the basement walls, especially near the front stoop.  His experience has truly become a STORY OF HORROR!!!


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