This is Ashton Kutcher.  While he’s not the best comedic actor in the world, he now has a steady job on Two and a Half Men, so we have a feeling he pays his bills.

We wonder if Mr K appears this concerned about our homes...

This is Ashton Place.  It’s owners appear to be having a problem paying off some of it’s bills – more specifically, $1.4 Million (yes, MILLION) of promissory notes held by PNC Bank (formally National City Bank).

Ashton Place

It all starts with a six count Medina County Court Case #11CIV0914.  Ashton Place is listed as a defendant for two counts of non-payment of promissory notes, valued at just over $1M.  The next two counts reiterate the first two, but this time, our favorite President, Mr K, is named as the defendant.  A fifth count alleges that UPH also has failed to pay on a loan,valued at $390K, and the final count names Mr K for the same non-payment.

So who is Ashton Place?  As near as we can tell it’s an apartment complex in Wadsworth owned in whole or in part by Stephen M Kovack – yes, THAT Stephen M Kovack – under the name Ashton Place, LLC.

The $1.4 Million Pyramid (click to embiggen)

The kicker – UPH’s response to the suit was a “Yep – we confess!”  Case closed, right?  Not so fast!

According to the Medina County Clerk of Courts site, the case is at a Entry Filed state, meaning judgement has  been entered in favor of PNC Bank, and that, per court regulations, PNC has notified the defendants of such.  It appears, however, that UPH/Ashton Place LLC/Mr K have still not paid what is owed.  Therefore, PNC has placed multiple liens on a variety of properties held by the trio in Medina, Cuyahoga, Geauga, and Summit counties (Judgement Lien # JL-72-299).

So let’s check in with Jerry and Ed to see where we stand:

Hey Ohhhhh!

Close to $1.6 Million.  Nice.


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