Not this Kind of Lean!

When a subcontractor hasn’t been paid, one recourse is to place a lien on the property.  That means, the sub has placed a claim on the title of the home as collateral for services rendered.  It has been rumored that UPH has multiple liens placed on properties they constructed, but we have not been able to document a single case.

All that changed the other day when reader and commentator Pat offered up this tasty tidbit of information…

I am in process of refinancing with the drop in rates and found out today that there is a lien on my property. Waiting now for return phone call from UPH about this new “twist” but not holding my breath that this will happen.

So how do you find out if your property has a lien placed on it?  According to

  • Search the county recorder, clerk, or assessors office online. All you need is the name of the property owner, or it’s address. If your county does not have the data online, then:
  • Visit the county recorder, clerk, or assessor’s office in person. Generally, you will find that these people will be quite helpful, and could give you pointers if you need any.
  • Contact a title company. Title representatives can be extremely helpful in many ways . . . finding liens is one of them. I strongly advise having a good title rep as part of your investing team!
If you have had a similar headache as Pat has, let us know!

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