L&I Mechanical Inc -Vs- Unmistakably Premier Homes Inc

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Business, Legal, Problems
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And we thought the last lawsuit we covered was bad news…  Case #11CIV1014, filed by L&I Mechanical, was submitted July of this year.  According to the court documents, L&I performed services on over one dozen Unmistakably Premier Homes projects in 2010 which the home team has not rendered payment for.

In their defense, UPH… Wait!  That’s odd.  UPH hasn’t supplied an answer to the argument!  In fact, because an answer was not given by UPH in a reasonable amount of time, Judge Chistopher J. Collier has “ordered, adjudged and decreed that judgement is entered in favor of Plaintiff, L&I Mechanical, Inc., against Defendant, Unmistakably Premier Homes, Inc. in the amount of Fifty-nine Thousand Six Hundred Twenty-five and 95/100 Dollars ($59,625.95).

Yowzah!  That’s a bunch of molah!  Let’s go to Ed McMahon to see what the alleged total due to non-payment is now:

The Tote

Hey Oooooh!

Yes, folks… $149,090.86.  Jerry seems to understand the enormity of the amount… I wonder if UPH does too?

But hold on a minute!  On September 9th, attorneys for UPH decided to file a motion “For Leave to Plead” – which in essence asks for more time to appeal the judgement.  Apparently, UPH woke up and retained counsel just the day prior.  What took them so long?  Was Mr. K on vacation?  Stay tuned for further developments!


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