Kaycan Ltd. -vs- Unmistakably Premier Homes, Et al.

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Business, Legal, Problems
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Listed on the Medina County Clerk of Courts is Case Number 11CIV1350 – KAYCAN LTD -VS- UNMISTAKABLY PREMIER HOMES INC , defendant, et al.  This four-count civil case has been filed by Kaycan Ltd (which, as best as we can tell, is a manufacturer and supplier of vinyl siding) against our favorite builders.

The four counts basically allege that UPH owes Kaycan for $16,795.19 (and not a penny less!) worth of materials, goods, and services provided during the period of March 3rd through July 21st of this year.  The case was filed on August 29th, so it’s still in it’s baby phase, however, summons to appear have been issued and received by UPH.  We’ll follow and report as news breaks.

Hopefully, UPH and Kaycan can kiss and make up!


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