99 Problems but a Painter Ain’t One

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Interior, Problems
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We’ve told you about the cracked morning room ceiling, and how the job is not completely finished.  We also had an issue with water damage on the same ceiling due to drainage issues, which we’ll touch on in the coming posts.  Both solutions involved bringing in dry-wallers.  The morning room ceiling peak was redone, and the water-damaged joints were re-taped.  But that left some very white, unpainted ceilings and walls.

We’ve pointed out this issue with Premier on a number of occasions, including the initial discussion, where we were told that the drywall, painting – the whole shabang – would be done in a month.  That was in April…  and now we’re still waiting until the painters show – if ever.  So, yes, we have roughly 99 problems, but, right now, a painter ain’t one (all apologies to Jay-Z).


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