The Longest Yard – Update!

Posted: August 29, 2011 in Exterior, Neighbor, Problems
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This isn’t really about our dealings with Premier, but one of our neighbors.  They moved in at the end of last year, ya know, when it’s all cold and Chistmasy like…  Anyway, they were told a lawn would be put in when the weather improved.

It did.

Premier didn’t.

So now it’s been almost nine months without a proper yard.  Currently, it’s a yard comprised of wild flowers and weeds several feet in height.

The reason they were given for the delay was at first, our rainy wet spring made it neigh impossible to grade.   During a recent garage sale, customers often asked, “Does anybody live there?”  Now, we’re not so sure what the delay is, but just so you understand Premier’s priorities, a model home that went up AFTER our neighbors’ has been final graded.

UPDATE: Looks like hell hath frozen over, and the bulldozers are out.  As we post, an earthmover is grading the neighbors’ lot.  Could this have something to do with this little blog?  Probably not, but we’d like to think so!  Yea MistakablyPremier!!!


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