Danger! Danger! High Voltage!

Posted: August 27, 2011 in Interior, Problems
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One of the first things you learn in Physics class is that water and electricity are not the best of friends.  There’s reasons behind that (all scientific and such), so you’re taught to keep the two away from each other.

Imagine our surprise when, after a breaker blew in our master bedroom, we opened our breaker box to see water leaking from it.  It looked as though the water was getting in through where the electrical main came from the meter.

We immediately called the Ohio Edison, and they sent a truck out to make sure there wasn’t anything wrong with the meter.  I have to admit, that the folks at Ohio Edison were really responsive – they had someone over in less than 30 minutes.  I guess they understand that whole water and electricity don’t mix business.  The lineman from Ohio Edison confirmed the issue wasn’t the meter, and suggested a call to an electrician was in order.

Another call to an electrician was made, and, after he inspected the area, concluded it was water seeping in from the conduit which was never properly sealed.  Some caulk, putty, and a new circuit breaker was all that was prescribed.  An unsolicited comment by the electrician was made about how the builder should have done a better job.  We agree.


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