Is UPH Headed the Way of Circuit City?

Posted: August 24, 2011 in Business, Rumor
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Remember Circuit City (where “service is was state of the art”)?  Yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve heard of them too.  Back in the day, they used to be a major rival of Best Buy.  But then things started going south, and, eventually, they ran out of capital, and shut their doors forever (although is still around, but it’s basically a different branding of

Rumor has it that UPH has begun its death spiral.  Apparently, the builder is having some issues securing credit to continue to build homes.  It may be just the state of the economy, but things aren’t looking so good for our favorite home builder!  Could bankruptcy be next?

UPDATE: Type the following into Google – “unmistakably premier homes bankruptcy” – and you get a number of returns, including a link to the “Building With Ryan” blog, which states:

Glad we picked the right builder!!

Unmistakably Premier Homes filed bankruptcy here in Ohio. I’m not sure if they build outside of this area. My development has a few sites that belong to Premier even though it’s a Ryan development. There’s a house on our street that is less than 1/2 way finished. It’s a Premier home…and it’s been under “construction” since early February.

Not sure of his sources, as I can’t find any filings for bankruptcy on-line.  Perhaps someone with a JD can help?
UPDATE #2:  It appears that post quoted above was taken down by the author.

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